Servo Components & Systems

Servo Components & Systems Ltd supply a range of motion products including servo amplifiers, brush motors, brushless motors, stepper motors, gearheads, linear motors, linear leadscrew actuators, rotary encoders.

Servo Components & Systems Ltd was established in 1992 and specialise in the supply of Motion, Drive, Control and Software products, into general industrial applications, production automation, packaging, food, processing, life-science, automotive and military industries.

Servo Amplifiers

From servo amplifiers and stepper drives to the simpler torque amplifiers, SCS have a drive amplifier solution to meet our customer needs. AC and DC drives are available incorporating a range of motor feedback interfaces and network capabilities including EtherCat, Devicenet, Canopen, Macro and SERCOS.
SCS stock a range of servo amplifiers and represent major International companies including Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley, Copley Controls and ElectroCraft and address a diverse range of industries including packaging, material handling, converting, food processing, network automation, military, automotive and chemical industries.

Linear Motors

High speed, high accuracy, control flexibility, zero maintenance, IP69 Hygienic and quiet operation are some of the capabilities of our electric linear actuator and motor range. From component level to fully integrated xyz linear motor stages, SCS have the plug and play solution to meet customer applications in packaging, material handling, converting, food processing, automation, military and automotive industries. In addition, SCS supply lead-screw linear actuator technology from Rockwell Automation.

Rotary Motors

SCS supply a comprehensive product offering of Brush, Brushless and Stepper motors ranging in peak torque capability from 0.15Nm to >125Nm. The ElectroCraft and Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley range of rotary servo motors provide high speed, low inertia, food grade, cost effective rotary motor solutions. SCS also provide integrated encoders and tachometers to complete the range. These high performance servo motors are utilised in many different industrial fields including packaging, material handling, converting, food processing, automation, military and automotive industries.

Planetary Gearheads

SCS supply a range of low-backlash planetary gearheads and servo right-angle planetary gearheads. Designed with low-backlash, high acceleration and output torques, SCS gearheads operate in cyclic and continuous duty operations at high speed with no maintenance requirements. SCS offer motor/gearhead assembly facilities.

Rotary Encoders

The SCS incremental encoder range combines shafted, hollow shaft, high temperature and stainless steel enclosure capability. In addition, Absolute encoders with singleturn or multiturn are available and incorporate parallel, SSI, CAN, CAN open, Profibus DP and Interbus user interfaces. SCS offer motor/encoder assembly facilities.

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