Tubular Linear Actuator

Motor Model        GDI250DSGDI250TSGDI250QSGDI250XS
Effective Strokemm100 to 600100 to 600100 to 600100 to 600
Rated ForceN37


Peak ForceN148192248436
Actuator Length Lmmm170200200350
Slider Length Lsmm271 to 771301 to 801301 to 801451 to 951
Slider Diametermm25252525
Rated CurrentA1.381.211.182.1
Position Repeatabilitymm0.


Motor Model        GDI350TSGDI350XSGDI350ES
Effective Strokemm100 to 600100 to 600100 to 600
Rated ForceN89


Peak ForceN3567641076
Actuator Length Lm  mm226376502
Slider Length Lsmm327 to 827477 to 977603 to 1103
Slider Diametermm353535
Rated CurrentA1.82.613.57
Position Repeatabilitymm0.050.050.05



STA11 Copley MotorCopley STA25Copley STA38Copley XTR25
Motor TypeSTA11STA25STA38XTR25
Peak Force46-92N312-780N744-1860N344-860N
Continuous Force6-19N


Internal Feedback1Vpk-pkSin/Cos1Vpk-pk Sin/Cos1Vpk-pk Sin/Cos1Vpk-pk Sin/Cos
Velocity up to5.6m/s5.9m/s5.3m/s5.6m/s
Repeatability12 micron12 micron25 micron12 micron
Voltage75 VDC230 VAC230 VAC230 VAC

The linear electric actuator is ideal for push/pull/lift material handling applications. An internal dry bearing
provides clean, quite, maintenance free performance. Life expectancy far exceeds ballscrew solutions.
The actuator is also the perfect replacement for pnuematic actuation and accepts a range of industry
standard accessories for easy mechanical integration.

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Linear Actuator
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Linear Actuator
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