Linear Actuator to Replace Pneumatic Cylinder




Compact direct drive linear actuator with Integrated Control
Integrated drive and PLC functions: 10 different programmable position tasks with 4 different motion profile options (trapezoidal, triangular, polynomial and sinusoidal)
Motion control using Digital input 0-24VDC (same as pneumatic cylinder electrovalve control) – plug & play to replace pneumatics
Digital Inputs, 3 Digital Outputs to map faults or conditions like in position window
MODBUS RTU for diagnostic and commissioning
24VDC to 48VDC power
Diagnostic functions: on time, travelled distance in km, number of performed cycles, load on the motor and temperature (512 minutes log inside the motor)
Interpolated motion using digital input trigger
Status leds
Accessories for antirotation mechanics (pneumatic brake option for vertical axis)