Integrated motor drive

Motor ModelPR SeriesPT Series
Motor TypeBrushless MotorStepper Motor
Frame SizeNema 17 & 23Nema 17 & 23
Input Voltage12 - 48 VDC12 - 48 VDC
Continuous Torque8 - 52 Ncm44 - 170 Ncm
Peak Torque15 - 89 Ncm
No Load SpeedUp to 10,450 rpm3000 rpm
CommunicationsRS-232 & CANopenRS232 & CANopen
Motor ModelPS Series
Motor TypeStepper Linear Motor
Frame SizeNema 17 & 23
Input Voltage12 - 48 VDC
Continuous Torque44 - 106 Ncm (Holding)
Peak Torque
No Load Speed3000 rpm
CommunicationsRS232 & CANopen

The Range

The PRO Series Integrated Motor Drive range includes brushless motor variants, stepper motor variants and linear actuators. Each is ruggedly cased to withstand industrial environments and incorporates a high performance servo drive with our PRO Series advanced control and sequencing functionality. Each ultra-compact package includes high-performance closed-loop control,a fully programmable digital sequence engine, fully-configurable analog and digital I/O and deterministic real-time communications.These enable each motor/drive to serve as either a stand-alone control solution or as part of a fully integrated multi-axis system.

Integrated Motor Drive range advantages

  • reduce build time. Fewer components mean less man hours.
  • simplify build. Smaller inventory and fewer operations needed to install.
  • reduce installation time.
  • reduce machine footprint. No need for a centralised control cabinet.
  • reduce total installation cost
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