Low Voltage Electric Linear Actuator

12-24 VDC Inline Actuator

High force, long stroke inline linear actuator, contains a rotary motor, gearbox and leadscrew for powerful linear motion, positional control and easy mechanical integration

DC Miniature Actuator

Compact flange dimensions of 15x34mm and 35x63mm, Integrated SIN/COS 1Vpp encoder for accurate positional control, long stroke, force up to 20N, suitable for pharmaceutical and medical applications

Direct Drive Tubular Actuator

Moving rod with stroke capability up to 600mm, internal position sensors with 25µm position repeatability, continuous force to 250N, rated to IP67, zero maintenance, plug & play easy installation

Hygienic Waterproof Actuator

IP69K Rating, Food Grade Certified, Internal Position Sensor, long Strokes, stainless steel construction with smooth body, high speed actuation to replace pneumatics

Leadscrew Actuator

Electric cylinders with a precision ball screw drive, stroke lengths to 800mm, force rating to 16000N, high speeds, good positioning accuracy and high repeatability are ensured