Leadscrew Actuators

Frame SizeSize 32Size 40Size 63
Maximum Feed Force300-350N525-800N1625-2500N
Continuous Feed Force240-280N420-640N1300-2000N
Maximum Speed0.15-0.50mm/rev0.25-12.7mm/rev0.50-1.00mm/rev
Maximum Acceleration3-10mm/s 26mm/s 210-20mm/s 2
Stroke Length100-400mm100-600mm100-800mm
Note:Available with motor mounted inline or parallel, also with connectors or flying leads
Frame Size - Heavy DutySize 83Size 110
Maximum Feed Force4003-4448N7784-8896N
Continuous Feed Force2002-4003N3892-7784N
Maximum Speed0.279-0.559mm/rev0.279-0.559mm/rev
Stroke Length150-450mm150-450mm
Model TypeAPP-11APP-17APP-23
Holding Torque Ncm6-920-3363-105
Motor Length mm30-4133-3846-56
Step Angle °/STEP1.81.81.8
Leadscrew Lengths mm50-60050-60050-600
Encoder ppr400400 or 1000400 or 1000
Model TypeAPPD-15APPD-25
Holding Torque Ncm10.5917.65
Motor Length mm30-4133-38
Step Angle °/STEP1.81.8
Leadscrew Lengths mm50-60050-600
Encoder ppr400400 or 1000
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