Pancake motor


Brushed Pancake MotorGPGMGNGR
General PurposeHigh PrecisionHigh PrecisionRuggerdized
Continuous Torque Ncm10 - 17036 - 32049 - 255133 - 320
Peak Torque Ncm100 - 1700360 - 3200490 - 25501334 - 3200
No Load Speed rpmUp to 6000Up to 6000Up to 6000Up to 6000
Peak Current A7 - 138 - 118 - 9.58 - 14
Voltage VDC9 - 7524 - 12530 - 10064 - 129
Encoder (option) CPRUp to 10000Up to 10000Up to 10000Up to 10000

Totally enclosed DC motor in ultra slim pancake profiles. Incorporating flat armature technology, these pancake motors can provide a cost effective solution and servo capability ideal for high precision applications.

  • Low Profile
  • Zero Cogging
  • Rapid Acceleration
  • Low Inertia
  • Long Brush Life
  • Custom shafts, encoders, gearboxes and pulleys available

Pancake motors or printed armature motors and servodisc motors as they are also known, are employed for various industrial applications wherever rapid stop-start, zero cogging, low inductance, precise electronic motor control, a low thermal time constant or just a slim, axially flat packaging profile is needed.

Flat armature motors differ from conventional DC servomotors in their unique slotless disc armature design. This enables them to deliver a concentrated level of performance in both incremental motion and continuous speed that is not attainable with conventional iron-core motor designs.

Brushless Pancake MotorXR15XR32
General PurposeIndustrial
ContinuousTorque Nm1 - 4250 - 420
Peak Torque Nm6698
No Load Speed rpmUp to 7500Up to 700
Peak Current A3.5 - 20660
Voltage V12 - 120100 - 400
Encoder (option) CPR3312N/A

The in-wheel XR series is a permanent magnet brushless motor with an external rotor. Permanent magnet brushless motors are generally the most efficient and highest torque density motors available today. The XR series gains from two distinct additional advantages: the magnets are positioned on an externally running rotor which gives the motor the fundamental geometric advantage that torque is being delivered on the outer-most point of the motor. Finally, the torque density of larger XR series is maximised by a high degree of slot fill. The high slot fill is achieved by winding each of the stator teeth individually before assembling them together into a stator.

  • Brushless motor with pancake profile
  • Low noise
  • High efficiency on load
  • Integrated encoder option
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