Rotary Motors

AC Servo Motors

High performance brushless servo motor, high continuous torque with low inertia for rapid acceleration. Hall-effect commutation or a variety of commutating optical encoders for precision applications

DC Servo Motor

Nema 17,23 & 34 compact high-performance brushless motors incorporating ball bearing construction, a low cogging electro- magnetic design with both low audible and magnetic noise

DC Planetary Gear Motor

16mm – 40mm Small form factor BLDC gear motors that can produce high torque at low RPM and offer strong smooth operation with low noise, continuous stall torque up to 15Nm

Stepper Motor

Nema 17, 23 & 34 hybrid DC stepping motors, totally enclosed with permanently lubricated ball bearings, bi-directional operation, 1.8˚ step angle, non-cumulative position accuracies as low as ±3%

Torque Motor

High torque direct drive motors, expanded position feedback options, zero backlash, continuous torque up to 235Nm, heat evacuation via conventional air or fluid cooling, frameless or housed torque motors

DC Brushed Motor

High-efficiency motors include dynamically balanced armatures, sealed ball bearings, and replaceable brushes, tachometer option available along with 500 or 1000 line differential encoder