Harsh Environment Drives – Panel, Module & PCB

Xenus & Accelnet R-Series Harsh Environment servo drives. All operating specifications are similar to the Panel, Modue & PCB standard drives Harsh Environment specification showm below
Data SheetXenus Ruggedized Servo Drive Accelnet Ruggedized Drive
Ambient TemperatureNon Operating Operating- 50 0 C to 85 0 C - 40 0 C to 70 0 C
Thermal ShockNon Operating- 40 0 C to 70 0 C in 1 minute
Relative HumidityNon Operating Operating95% non condensing at 60 0 C 95% non condensing at 60 0 C
VibrationOperating5Hz to 500Hz, up to 3.85grms
AltitudeNon Operating Operating-400m to 12000m -400m to 5000m
ShockNon Operating Operating75g peak acceleration 40g peak acceleration
Xenus R-Series120-240VAC operation
Accelnet R-Series20-180VDC operation

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