Servo Drives - AC and DC Servos, Stepper and PMDC Servo Drives

Indexer Servo Drives from Copley Controls
Copley Controls servo drives contain an Indexer Program which is a powerful, easy to use indexer that runs on the Copley Virtual Machine (CVM), an embedded virtual machine is available on most Copley Controls drives. Up to 32 sequences can be created with one or more steps which contain moves dwell times, I/O control, parameter changes, and conditional logic. Typical applications involve a PLC or switch to activate the drive’s digital inputs to select and execute sequences. The drive’s digital outputs can be used to control machine processes or provide status feedback to the PLC.

Xenus Panel Drive

EtherCAT or CANopen servo drives, current capability to 40A peak. Incremental and Absolute encoder Feedback options, Safe Torque Off, Single or Dual axis capability, Various Command Interfaces

Accelnet Panel Drive

12-180 VDC EtherCAT or CANopen servo drives, high-performance, DC powered drives for position, velocity, torque control of brushless and brush motors, Expanded feedback options, Single or Dual axis

Accelnet Drive - Module Mount

High performance compact PCB-mounted packages, Incremental or Absolute feedback options, significant reduction in the cost per axis, Advanced FPGA technology, 14-180VDC with up to 30A peak

Accelnet Drive - Micro PCB Mount

Digital control of brushless or brush motors in PCB board mounting package, Single, Dual or Multi axis boards, 14-90 VDC operation, Master/Slave control, EtherCAT and CANopen, Up to 60A peak current

Stepnet Drive - Panel & Module Mount

Control interfaces include CANopen along with Step/Direction inputs, Microstepping delivers smooth low resonance performance, Incremental encoder for Servo mode, Single, Dual or Multi axis

Harsh Environment Drives - Panel & Module

Built to MIL-STD-810 for high Vibration, Shock, Temperature and Humidity environments, CANopen, Incremental, Resolver and Analog encoder interfaces, Panel, Module or Micro PCB mount

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