Rotary encoders

Incremental Kit Encoders

- Modular Incremental Encoder for Servo and Stepper Motor Feedback
- Phased Array Sensor Technology provides High Temperature and Operating - Frequency and allows 0.5mm of Axial Play
- Resolutions to 2048 PPR with Index Standard: Optional 4, 6, 8 or 12 pole Commutation Tracks for Brushless Servo Motors
- Easy Installation and Removal without Special Tools or Parts

Incremental – Absolute – Sine Wave – Kit Construction

Incremental Pulse Capability1-10,000 PPR
Absolute CapabilitySingleturn Up to 16bit, Multiturn Up To 32bit
Shaft Diameters6mm to 14mm
Hollow Shaft Diameters4mm to 44mm
Supply Voltage5VDC to 30VDC
Operating Temperature-40 o C to 100 o C
Encoder ConnectionsCable or Connector
Maximum SpeedUp to 12,000rpm
Command InterfaceCANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus
Encoder ProtectionIP64, IP65 or IP67

SCS offer a comprehensive range of rotary encoders including shafted, hollow shaft, high temperature and stainless steel enclosure capability. In addition, Absolute encoders with singleturn or multiturn are available and incorporate parallel, BiSS, SSI, EnDaT CAN, CAN open, Profibus DP and Interbus user interfaces. SCS offer motor/encoder assembly facilities

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