DC Brushed Motor

DC Motor ModelDPP240DPP640DPP680
Data SheetBrush DC Brush MotorDC Brush MotorDC Brush Motor
Continuous Torque Nm0.20 - 0.360.70 - 1.480.64 -1.41
Peak Torque Nm1.70 - 2.833.39 - 6.783.18 - 7.77
Maximum Speed RPM600045005000
Feedback - Incremental***
Voltage DC48 or 6048 or 6024, 48 or 60
Motor Frame Size50.87878
In a Permanent Magnet DC (PMDC) motor, permanent magnets located in the stator provide the magnetic field, instead of it being created in stator windings. Cost-effective and with a high starting torque, PMDC motors generate an impressive output performance despite being generally smaller in size, which makes them a popular choice for use in many applications in mobility, patient care, industrial and leisure products.
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