Wheel Drives

Model NumberMPW52MPW86
Data Sheet
Continuous Torque 3.4 - 6.1 Nm8.0 - 20 Nm
Peak Torque6.8 - 12.4 Nm30 - 35 Nm
Rated Wheel Speed4.9 - 5.3 MPH3.5 - 9.6 MPH
Voltage24/48 VDC24/48 VDC
Wheel Diameter150 mm200 mm
Rotary Gear Motors can produce high torque at low RPM and offer strong smooth operation with low noise. Rotary Gear Motors integrate a Brushless or Brush motor with a planetary gearbox. Rotary Gear Motors can be integrated into many applications: mobile platform traction system, medical mobility chairs and stair lifts.
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