Stepper Motors

Stepper Motor SeriesTPP11MTPP17MTPP23MTPP34M
Data SheetStepper MotorStepper MotorStepper MotorStepper Motor
Holding Torque Nm0.07 - 0.130.20-0.410.64-1.692.80 - 8.40
Motor Length mm32.5-4744-7866-12666 - 126
Number of Leads4-64-64-64-6
Step Angle °/STEP1.80.9 or

Stepper Motor SeriesAPPS-11APPS-17APPS-23
Data SheetStepper Linear ActuatorStepper Linear ActuatorStepper Linear Actuator
Holding Torque Nm0.06-0.090.26-0.330.63-1.05
Motor Length mm30-4133-3846-56
Number of Leads4-64-64.6
Step Angle °/STEP1.81.81.8
Note: Range of leadscrew options available, contact Servo Components & Systems Ltd
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